We had an election, votes were cast, a winner drawn, and a verdict was given by the American electorate. So it’s done, it’s over. .

What direction does one move after the fight is over?

And now with ’08 is rising above the horizon, casting long shadows across the landscape, which way does one move?

Democrats and Republicans alike are perusing all the alternatives of every option. One can get lost in the details. Each candidate is putting “his (or her) take” on each and every problem. And this year, there are soooo many candidates…..

Perhaps in this case it is better to step back, prioritize the problems, and then let every candidate and legislator have a crack at fixing the issues we have at stake.

The priorities need to be thus.

The Economy

The War

Medical Care

The Environment

Our Future Security (social)

To assist and help with the discussion, I have compiled a list of thoughts and organized them into campaign sized bites for any political aspirant to right click, copy, and paste for their own use, and most importantly, you do not even have to credit me. Use the idea as your own.

The world will be much better off if the electorate is informed. And the best way to get this information out there, is to let each and any candidate use this information for their personal gain.

Any Republican, Democrat, or Independent is welcome to use these. I really do mean that.

For it is time, when the best of mankind needs to step forward. We have suffered too long with inadequacy and looking at the landscape before us and the challenges coming to us from the future, we will need our best, our smartest, and our toughest, regardless of party affiliation.

Cooperation needs to be the watchword as we march further into this century. Breaking down party barriers to good governance is not the responsibility of the parties themselves. There goal is to win. We, as voters, are the ones who will determine whether the best person for the job, does indeed get it.

The fast track to do that, is to inspire candidates, who in turn, will inspire America.

The challenges facing us, would paint a scary picture of the future, if those challenges were faced by anyone other than the United States of America. Because bottom line, as a society, we do challenges rather well. And of course, Delaware, “the first state”, needs to lead by example. In Delaware, bloggers have opened the doors of communication between parties. It is time for our elected officials to follow.

So in the spirit of cooperation, open to all, here is a group of topics to jump start the discussion.