Controversy is swirling on the SMU (Southern Methodist University) campus. The “W” Bush Presidential Library is slated to be built there with an accompanying conservative think-tank connected to it.

Many faculty, students, and alumni think that this homage paid to Laura Bush, (SMU is her alma mater) will forever taint that school as being super conservative institution along the lines of Bob Jones and Liberty Universities.

But there are also those who see the Library, set dead center of their campus, as a status symbol among universities. In an effort to quell debate, these supporters of the Bush library are using techniques normally associated with political campaigns. They have under-reported the amount of dissent, they have publicly attempted to humiliate the leaders of the anti Library crowd, and they have not allowed the faculty Senate, which at that school is the governing body of the faculty, to vote on whether they support it or not. (It is twenty some for, forty some against, unofficially)

But the prime reason I became interested was reading the tidbit that Karl Rove, himself, is the liaison who is visiting SMU and seems to be in charge of the entire process.

Considering he is not needed by the administration anymore, (ie for what campaign?) he would be the perfect person tapped for this opportunity. Whether you agree with his political methods or not, you must recognize that he has elected a president holding only minority support,…… twice.

Every day, as more bad news piles on top of this administration, its reputation worsens. For this reason alone, it appears that this administration is placing all its bets on providing a sanitized version of itself to cement it’s hand-print on history. The fact that Rove has been given carte-blanch, proves beyond a doubt that, this library is important to the Bush legacy.

For unlike any other presidential libraries, it will have few original documents. Inter-agency emails were sent on private accounts and will not be included in the museums’ library. Any document included in the massive shredding of public documents that took place immediately before the election, of course will not be present either.

It seems sad, at least in gazing at it from this distance, that this library is being built just to justify a presidency. Logically a president’s reputation should stand on it’s own, without either a library or fifty handsomely paid people to parrot how great Bush is?

Is there something wrong with this?

Not really, since the library will not be publicly funded. So Bush can do whatever he likes. There is little doubt that he needs a distraction like this library to absorb some of the scorn he is sure to face as a private citizen.

What is sad is that as this generation dies off, this very perspective will stand unchallenged. and from out of that vacuum, other mistakes in national policy will be made that could have been prevented with proper venting.

What we need is another library dedicated to telling the truth about the Bush presidency. There will always be a source to counteract and balance and shine the truth on statements issued by the “official” SMU’s Presidential library. An appropriate name for this new library would be “The Truth about the George W. Bush” Presidential library.

Since Joe Biden has spoken more truth about this administration’s antics, and has done so in a compelling manor, it is only too fair that this library be called “The Joe Biden ‘Truth about George Bush “Presidential Library.

It is also only fair that this be built in Delaware! For Delaware has always voted for winner in every Presidential contest, except for the last two. Perhaps in our own little way, we were trying to tell the nation something it was unwilling but needed to hear?