News from Iraq regarding the surge’s success. Apparently as more troops pour into the neighborhoods, the insurgents have less time to blow up civilians.

I was kidding a liberal friend of mine yesterday, sort of the way Uncle Billy in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, kids Mr. Potter just before he hands him 8,000$ in a rolled up newspaper.

I was having a great time of it, when he interrupted me with a lavish fake British Accent: “Rightly so, jolly old chap……” He continued responding to me with the accent, and volunteered no explanation. Curious, I asked…………

“Well, dear chap,” he brogued. ” If your theory was indubitably consistent through the annuals of historical evidence, then we would speak, all of us, with a British accent now.”

I got caught off guard, and was lost and not sure where he was going……………

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“How much do you know about your own history”, I got asked.

Not knowing where he was going, but guessing it had something to do with World War Two, I answered “quite a lot.”

“Well, old chap,” he continued, ” if you remember that during the Revolution of the America’s, the British redcoats subdued the cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Charleston, Savannah, and were never forcefully challenged or removed from these areas. Were your theory to hold, that domination of urban territory wins the war,………………..we would all be speaking in British accents now, would we not?”

My liberal friend had a point.