If I were in charge of an oil company, very few would think it unusual for me to move my headquarters to Houston or Dallas. After all, how could I be a player in oil, if I didn’t rub shoulders with Cliff Barnes and J. R. Ewing………………

So why should it be a surprise that Halliburton, an oil field servicing company, should announce it’s intention to move their headquarters to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates? This move marks the high tide mark of American energy. America’s oil and natural gas resources are in decline.

We are expected to believe they are moving there for the weather. Due to the clouds surrounding this company, because it’s former owner is our country’s Vice President, one would be remiss not to wonder if this was a covert attempt to cover up wrong doing, just in case some future political climate change  were to rain down corporate subpoenas.

The US government has paid Halliburton over 25 Billion $ in government contracts. Halliburton earned over 2.3 billion last year in profits. 60% of that came from, operations in the US: servicing domestic oil fields. That conversely means that up to 40% was earned overseas, mostly from Iraq. Roughly over $920,000,000 in profit was earned just last year from services rendered in and around Iraq.

Remember, no American company would ever be allowed to get close enough to even sniff Iraqi oil, had we not chosen to go to war…….

So when one hears of the shadowy steps that this administration took to justify its military action in Iraq,… and if one faintly remembers how they went to war, despite all public arguments to the contrary, ….and finally, if one remembers that not one of the reasons for which we invaded, turned out to be correct, ……………..then one has to ponder, how the sole creator of this nation’s energy policy, wound up turning out to be the war’s strongest advocate, and………. who’s company in just in one year has profited just under one BILLION$ from our actions, ………………One has to wonder how this person will look when his action is investigated by a Democratic House and future Democratic Senate.

Moving this company to Dubai, offers protection from legal liability. It preserves records where the Federal Government cannot touch them.

It also keeps American hands out of the lucrative oil field cookie jar. For having sunk 25 BILLION $ into Halliburton’s pockets, it would be quite un-Republican to pay a tiny fraction of that back in the form of taxes……………………………………….