A review of history is in order. Oil has lain dormant under Iraq for millennia’s. Only recent history has made it useful to man. This oil is lying just under the surface of Iraq and can be retrieved for less than $1.50 a barrel. One Iraqi citizen said “just put a pipe into the sand and oil comes out.” Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world and whoever controls Iraq, has his finger not only on America‘s lifeline, but also that of Europe, China, Russia, and the developing third world. And if one includes the unknown reserves for Iraq’s western unexplored desert, perhaps Saudi Arabia falls to a distant second.

The Middle East was ignored up until the ‘74 Oil Crises which occurred during the administration of Gerald Ford. As these countries nationalized their oil production facilities, thereby themselves able to determine the amount of their supply, they were through OPEC able to manipulate the price of oil. It was during this nationalization phase occurring during the Nixon administration, when Kissinger initially called for a plan designed to take the region by force if needed. This plan was secret, and is probably the origin of the map in question. After Nixon stepped down, Gerald Ford was left holding both reins of a Middle East in full gallop towards a cliff‘s edge. Here among several of Ford’s staff, the secret detailed plans were made to take the oil countries by force and secure the area from any Soviet influence. Those staff members from a Presidential cabinet of thirty years ago, are surprisingly quite well known today. They included both Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who are in what has become today know as the neo conservative movement. Foreign oil was then 36% of our total intake and we realized from this oil crises, that our quality of life could be seriously threatened by turning off the spigot of our Middle East oil at its source. Closely aligned with the upstart Reagan in 76, this group scuttled Ford’s chances of returning to office that year..

Jimmy Carter, in what became known as the Carter Doctrine, declared before the world, that the Middle East was an American vital interest and any foreign (Soviet) military intervention into that region would be viewed as an act of war upon this country itself. Then came the fall of Iran and the threat shifted.

Iran created the opportunity for us to befriend our new friend Iraq, which up until that time had been cozy with the Soviets simply primarily because we were heavily invested in the Shah of Iran. But as Iran flip-flopped in its opinion of us,, Saddam saw his opportunity to gain American protection and engaged Iran in a silly and stupid war. This engagement was fueled by American arms and American oil investment into the nationalized oil infrastructure of Iraq.

Then in ‘90, through our oil stained diplomats, Saddam thought we had given him the green light to attack Kuwait. For several days there was indecision on Bush Sr. about what to do. But once the conservative oil community realized the opportunity of taking the Iraq’s oil fields by force, the US on day three of the crises, issued to a surprised Saddam, our ultimatum. Saddam carefully calculated that he could survive without withdrawing and we made war plans to attack and liberate Kuwait. However within infighting of the inner circle, both the Baker contingent, and the private, personal appeals from British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, were able to convince the President that he should push the noble agenda of freeing Kuwait, instead of the neo conservatives main goal of punishing Saddam by taking control of the Iraqi oil fields. As the war evolved into a “just war” with even Syria supporting the Coalition Forces, it became politically impossible for elements of the US to seize the oil fields for themselves. This does however, explain a different reason we went through the western area of Iraq in order to attack Saddam’s supply lines. For had the war slipped into a prolonged phase, the “Holy Grail of oil men” would lie firmly under the control of the US army..

During the Clinton years, while the world’s attention was focused elsewhere, there continued to beat the steady drumbeat of the neo conservatives and oil company executives that said: “We should have taken Saddam out when we were there.” Every few months an article would appear in an oil sponsored scientific or international relations journal, decrying the weakness of Americans in bowing to the UN and stopping our campaign where and when we said we would. What was at stake was not our pride. It was their oil. For now, as we enforced on Iraq severe sanctions, and as we baited SAM missile batteries to lock on to our military aircraft, we had ourselves become the antagonist of Saddam Hussein. As things stood then we had no chance of receiving any rights to Iraqi oil. Were ever the sanctions to lift, a long line of suitors had formed way ahead of us to acquire the rights to the richest oil deposit on earth.

However, if we went to war unilaterally, we could simply take it for ourselves.

Enter the Bush administration. Now, not only are the country’s number one and number two spots held by oil men, but the entire cadre of the office, is also possessed by the clean smell of oil. It includes Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfowitz,, Elliot Abrams, and Zalmay Khalilzad, all who were obsessed with the prospect of acquiring Iraq’s oil by force thirty years ago..

Just weeks after Bush was signed in, Cheney convened an informal gathering of oil executives called the Energy Task Force. From that brief gathering, our energy policy was finalized. The evidence that remains from that top secret meeting , is a map showing the oil fields of Iraq, a map showing oil fields in the Persian Gulf, and a map of northern Saudi Arabia, showing oil fields near the northern border. Also accompanying this was a document showing the Suitors for Iraqi Oil, of which the US is not one.

Since these engagements were secret, there is only a premise. But it bears scrutiny. And that premise is in one meeting, the complex Energy Policy of this wide and varied nation, was reduced to simply moving in and taking control of Iraq’s oil that cost only $1.50 a barrel to extract. Nowhere else on this planet can one get so much oil so cheaply, and no other way could the US ever be part of that windfall, except by disposing of Saddam and signing oil deals with the newly formed government.

What bothers me most is that, once one accepts this framework, (that of controlling Iraqi oil ), the individual actions taken by this administration that previously I had assumed were both inept and stupid, suddenly seem to make a great deal of sense.

You have heard them before, but listed in sequence they evoke a pattern that I will leave for you to ponder.

During the campaign against Gore, reports surfaced that Bush , had boasted within the oil industry, that he was gong to get Saddam.

Oil companies contributed record and never before seen amounts of campaign soft money to Bush’s campaign. They have been well rewarded.

Bush delegated Cheney to determine the Vice Presidential Candidates. Cheney said “Myself”. Bush then delegated Cheney to hire the White House staff. Cheney picks the neo-conservatives all who were proponents of taking Iraq’s oil in the 70’s. Bush then picks Eugene O‘Neil, Colin Powell, and Christie Todd Whitman, to give his administration some credibility, but who all eventually resign with bitterness at being railroaded. by Cheney and the neo-cons. An attorney general is chosen who believes the Executive Branch requires no checks or balances, and is free to use America’s resources as it sees fit..

Richard Clarke is marginalized as Director of Terrorism and NSA , FBI, and CIA all turn a blind eye to events leading up to 9/11.

9/11 occurs the day the American New Century is meeting in New York.

There is that weird moment in the classroom as Andy Card tells Bush we are under attack.

Bin Laden family is allowed to fly out of the country, when no one, even American citizens, are.
Richard Perle is heard running around the office on 9/12 saying “it’s Iraq, find the connection to Iraq.”

Anthrax occurs…….The administration immediately feeds the media that it is from Iraq. But if so, why Tom Daschle???? And whatever happened to that investigation? Oops…It was an American strain…..….hmmmm……

Bush gives Tommy Frank the order to draw up plans for an Iraqi invasion, before we even start into Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban.

The drums begin about WMD’s being in Iraq, even while we are fighting in Afghanistan.
When an article appears stating there is no Niger yellow cake in Iraq, a CIA agent is “out-ed” by top administration officials, who are so afraid their invasion plans will unravel, that they willingly risk prosecution to remove that agent’s security clearance and invoke, by law, the signed secrecy exit statements that guarantee her silence.

Intimidation created by calling a person cowardly in the face of war is levied against any elected official who opposes the direction of this administration, even if that person has lost limbs fighting our previous enemies…..…There is not much argument before the public, when the resolution to use force in Iraq, passes in the Senate.

We begin the buildup of troops in Saudi Arabia, before we finish the Afghan war, leaving that war unfinished even thought the perpetrator of 9/11 was still at large.

We begin the buildup of troops in Saudi Arabia before we go before the UN to state our case.

When we fail to get approval from the international community, for what will obviously be an invasion , unprovoked into another country, we tell those other countries that they will have no part of the oil.

We make plans, before the UN speech to the world, to have KBR, a division of Halliburton, go in after the troops and secure the oil infrastructure for the quick extraction of Iraqi oil. This deal is a no bid contract so that it’s secrecy can be hidden from anyone who might become suspicious if they learned that we were making elaborate plans to extract Iraq’s oil, long before we had the permission to invade. Through this secrecy, KBR begins deployment of equipment into the theater of operations , before either Congress, the UN, or the public weighs in on whether or not we have reason to invade.

Bush insists if the world does not back us, we will invade alone, . The world does not back us.

The argument is made that because of 9/11, we can pre-emptively invade any country we choose to defend ourselves. The argument, later proven false, is also made that Saddam was in definitely in cahoots with Bin Laden. Frequent false and disproved information is paraded as “ slam dunk” evidence. Some uninformed Americans still believe this to be true.

Chalibi and other Iraqi exiles, meet with Exxon Mobile, Chevron, BP, and Shell, and make the case that if they be chosen to run Iraq, that promise to sign over very favorable deals with those oil companies, and exclude the French, German and other oil companies from participating. This precedes the official Bush administration’s sanctioning of Chalibi to head the new puppet government of Iraq, Unfortunately the Iraqi’s themselves, don’t buy it.

The invasion of Iraq occurs with little or no damage to the oil industry. The oil ministry is the first building occupied and fortified by American troops. Meanwhile massive looting and breakdown of order occurs in the American occupied regions. We discover there no plans were made to deal with anything other than oil, once the country was in our possession.

Money designated by Congress for the rebuilding of Iraq, is used instead for first rebuilding of the oil infrastructure by KBR. KBR was given the initial sole responsibility of rebuilding the Iraqi infrastructure . They are still in the process of rebuilding and as of yet very little has reached the population at large.

The staff m green college graduates, that were interviewed and sent over to run Iraq, were tested only for their loyalty to the current administration and not on the skills or resources which they could bring to Iraq.

Each time the price of oil stops climbing, someone in this administration creates controversy with either the UAE, Dubai, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, or the Iraq insurgents , anything to keep the oil speculators jittery and the prices high. Marginal attention is given to nuclear weapons in non oil states like North Korea. Every time the prices fall, some oil nation’s crises occurs directly because of something said by this administration.

This is how I see it. The individual events each have their own deniability. But when viewed over the span of thirty years, the unthinkable appears to have happened. Americans got duped into supporting a war just to make a few men rich. It would almost be funny if you didn’t know someone who died.