Recently on Battlestar Galactica, which happens to be not only my favorite, but also one of the best shows currently showing on television, a Doctor on board the ship Galactica, was racially killing off, and essentially effectively practicing genocide on a certain species of people, while maintaining his appearance as the compassionate, benevolent, humanistic Doctor we wish every physician would be.

The hour-long plot traces a trail of evidence from the suspect realm of a incredibly bizarre notion, to the ultimate arrest of the perpetrator who committed these heinous crimes.

What amazes me is that this television show which was shot last year, always seems to mirror today’s current events whenever its episodes happen to be shown. For just last year while watching the show, I actually came to understand the thought progression that pushes one down the road to torture, and why Americans in real life, chose to venture down that path. They were not butchers, but instead were just following the logical course of events that transpires when only Spockian rational thought is applied..

Likewise, during last season I finally came to understand how the cards are stacked so that an insurgency will always win and how it is impossible to totally suppress any people fighting oppression, for their resistance grows proportionately to the amount of force applied against it. Only through other means, such as negotiation, so that a person’s quality of life does truly benefit by their surrender, can one convince a proud oppressed people, to fall in line with a captor’s demands. At this point, my eyes opened and I realized that Iraq was unwinnable if we continued to fight as conquerors, and that like Vietnam where the longer we fought, the worse the war become for us, even as we won every battle our troops engaged..

So now each time as I sit down on Sunday nights and put reality on hold for an hour, I anxiously wait for some inspirational understanding to waif upon me and show me the relevance of today‘s current events.

Cynical as I am, I am always shocked each time that epiphany happens. This week I was not disappointed.

Stripped of everything unique to this show, the plot was simply a twist of the same theme of every thriller: in which the culprit does something so outrageous that when any accusation is made against him, it is deemed preposterous and impossible to believe, and the credibility, if not sanity, of the accuser is often at stake.. It was only through the protagonist’s dogged suspicion, and his dedication to uncovering a vague pattern of events over a very long period of time, that we, as viewers, determine that the trend definitely defies the laws of randomness and must be caused by some type of criminal intent. Once adequate suspicion is laid, a simple re-look at the last victim, uncovers evidence of criminal action, and the culprit is culled from his place of trust in society. It’s the same CSI plot, shown every week…….

So what does this have to do with today’s political landscape? Again, through whatever magic this show has going through it, it is timing. For this week we are reinvestigating the influence of oil in the Middle East and whether we went to war for the simple reason to acquire cheap energy, Not cheap for us as a country, we still would pay market price, but for those who would develop it cheaply and then sell it to us for as high a price as they could.

Again, there were those chanting “no war for oil” as we protested the buildup around the perimeter of Iraq. Most of us dismissed it as a slogan venting their anti-war feeling. These accusations were simply brushed off with a shrug, and a “don’t be silly” demeanor, which at that time, was convincing. We marched into Iraq, with almost no casualties, and celebrated our quick victory on the Lincoln, and thought to ourselves, ‘boy, didn‘t those protesters look silly.”.
But if one looks at these actions over a distant time line, there seems more truth in those slogans then we ever gave them credit.

My interest was peaked by a comment to a previous post in this forum, titled “It’s the map” We were discussing the possible origins of a map that is hyper linked on the post, so it was in researching that map’s history that I stumbled across some very troubling patterns beginning to emerge.