It is important for all to know what is going on in their State Legislature. The link to Delaware’s is posted to the left side of my blog, if you wish to access it.

I accessed it and was surprised to see that several bills have been offered this first week. I was most impressed by the “Poop” bill, originated by Booth and co-sponsored by Senator Adams.

This poop bill insures that when you go into a retail outlet, that they will let you use the employee’s bathroom if you ask. For if they refuse you twice, they can be fined up to $100.

At first glance, one says “fine, stick it to ’em. Those high tootin’ retailers have gotten too uppity lately.” How dare they deny me access to their bathrooms. But as you start looking at its “cons”, this “poop” bill has some serious implications, some so severe, that only someone who has never run a business could consider this bill seriously.

Let’s start with this scenario. In you home, you hear a knock, and at your door is a smelly man or woman, unkempt, asking if he could come in and use your bathroom.

“No, sorry can’t do it.” The answers are obvious as to why. So why does a retailer, have to allow a stranger into his inner sanctum? Because Booth and Adams want it so?

These two “Poop” sponsors need to address these issues or their bill will be laughed off the floor, if it get’s laughed out of the House Administration Committee.

Issues that need to be addressed:

Retailers security: with back of house access to anyone, how does one protect his assets from a “poop”er with a gun?

Retailers reputation: with the possibility of a “poop”er showing up, extra care must be made to protect the retailer from liability. Boxes on the floor during deliveries, areas that are safe for employees with special non skid shoes, may be quite dangerous to casual “poop” candidates.

Retailers employees: quite often, personal effects are stored in and around employee restroom area. Who will patrol the area while the “pooper” does his deed?

Who cleans up the mess? I won’t go into detail, but…………….has anyone else walked into a “public” restroom stall and gone “eughhh………….”? Is the boss responsible or can he mandate to a retail specialist, hired to sell, that she needs to clean the mess, with what,…………..does he even carry gloves?

All I know, is if I am a competitor, and I need to get some “soft” intelligence on my competition, I just have to feign menstral cramps and I am in.

Now if Britney Spears asked to use my bathroom, I would say “sure”, even if it went against my better judgement. I don’t know why I would let her, I just know I would. But should Donald Rumsfeld stop by, provided he wasn’t escorting Britney Spears, I would say “no”, and we all know why.

Who we let into our private areas is our most private choice. It is probably one that the two “poop” legislators, should leave alone.

But, in both of their defense, with all the serious shit floating around government these days, it is nice to know that there is someone who actively cares and is legislating against those retailers who are “poop” party poopers. Our tax dollars are finally paying off.