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A new study published by Stanford University’s Center for Education Policy Analysis shows that doubling up on math courses in one year, has negative impact… Rigor causes people to forget what they would have retained otherwise…

In other words when it comes to learning. Rigor actually MAKES us stupid….

The test was ingenious… Two groups of students in the same school; all with math scores within 5 points apart… Half were above the arbitrarial line of cut off; half were below… Those below were required to take a remedial class along with the next level of math. Those above, just took the one math class their grade required…

The difference between the two could be classified as rigor… Those below got a hearty dose of RIGOR… Those above didn’t, and yet except for an arbitrarily drawn line in the sand, all were of equal intelligence…

Here is what he found…..

At the end of the year, students with double math scored substantially higher than their peers who took just one math class. However, a year after returning to the traditional schedule with one math class, those gains were about half as large. Two years into a regular schedule, that difference was down to about one-third of the original gain. 

And when those students reached high school, the gains all but diminished completely. 

But during that wasted time, they could have learned something in another discipline and changed their life forever….


This is common sense and is the natural way of the world.  How many of you played high school sports?… How many of you who did, are in great shape now?  How many of you did not play high school sports… How many of you are in great shape now?

We are all a mess….  RIGOR has no shape on our future… Immediate gains, perhaps.  Longterm… zero.

The only good that RIGOR gains:…. are higher arbitrarily set scores on arbitrarily created  tests that arbitrarily cover what was taught across the school year…  In other words, the roll of the dice.  One can win at Yatzee if one knows where the secret weight was placed changing all the odds of how a dice may roll.  But that is specialized knowledge only good for that one game and one set of dice…

To expend RIGOR on how dice will roll, is insane… RIGOR itself is insane…. Just imagine studying history instead?…  To lose all history classes in order to take another math class just to make the Governor and Rodel look good to their peers?

Madness…  RIGOR doesn’t work….  Look at your own lives.. Are you more productive when your boss is huffing and puffing, standing over you? Or when he is somewhere else?  If you are more productive in his presence, you SHOULD  be fired… because that would mean you weren’t doing work when he was somewhere else… No one is more productive under pressure.

RIGOR  is a punishment, It comes from prisons, slave ships, and impressed militaries.  It does not work for learning..




Let us take a test. Since I write the rules, you can forgive me if I give you a cheat sheet at the end of every question… It’s not like I’m going to fire you if you get a too-low score…..

Which accurately describes the number of children in Delaware in 2012…..

A 385,402
B 205,050
C 147,984
D 07,357

What percentage of children are white in Delaware
A 77.3
B 62.8
C 52.0
D 49.1

How many children were enrolled in Delaware’s Public school system 2014?

A 195,365
B 153,761
C 133,369
D 119,695

What is the percent of children classified as poor in Delaware?

A 9.4%
B 11.9%
C 17.4%
D 21.6%

How many children (number) are considered poor in Delaware
A 44,358
B 34,875
C 22,489
D 11,358

What is Delaware’s state ranking in child poverty

A 8th
B 15th
C 26th
D 41th

What percent of Delaware’s children live in extreme poverty; at incomes below half the poverty line…..

A 5.5
B 6.6
C 7.7
D 11.1

Which child age group lives in the poorest conditions?

A 0-6 years
B 7-12 years
C 13-18 years
D 10-15 years

What percent of the age group 0-6 live below half the poverty line?

A 50%
B 33%
C 18%
D 10%

What ratio of Delaware’s African American Children live in poverty?

A 1 in 3
B 1 in 4
C 1 in 5
D 1 in 6

Ration of Delaware white children who live below the poverty line?

A 1 in 7
B 1 in 8
C 1 in 9
D 1 in 10

How many of Delaware’s children attended school while homeless in 2011-2012 school year

A 7000 or 5.2%
B 6000 or 4.5%
C 5000 or 3.7%
D 4000 or 3.0%

How many full-time minimum-wage jobs are necessary to be able to afford a fair market rent two-
bedroom apartment in Delaware and still have enough left over for food, utilities and other necessities.

A 2
B 3
C 4
D 4.5

How many of Delaware’s children are on Supplemental Food Assistance?

A 1 in 10
B 3 in 10
C 5 in 10
D 7 in 10

In 2011 what was the percent of children eligible to be insured in CHP programs that were?

A 92.8%
B 65.3%
C 45.6%
D 42.5%

What is Delaware’s ranking among states where children are insured….

A 4th
B 9th
C 17th
D 25th

How many of the 10 quality benchmarks set by the National
Institute for Early Education Research in 2012-2013. did Delaware actually meet?

A 10
B 9
C 8
D 7

The state spent how much less per student in its poorest districts than recommended to adequately support
poor students in 2007-2008.
A $5,123
B $4,861
C $3,928
D $532

What percent of Delaware’s fourth grade public school students were unable to read at grade level in 2013?

A 27%
B 35%
C 42%
D 62%

In Delaware, how many children were abused or neglected in 2012?

A 537
B 735
C 899
D 2335

What is your best guess on the percentage of children at or below poverty in Christina’s Bancroft Elementary?

A 18.7%
B 23.2%
C 49.3%
D 89.6%

How many third grade Common Core children met proficiency at Bancroft in 2013?

A 75%
B 61%
C 57%
D 26%

At Bancroft in 2014 which group of students had the highest percentage on their scores

A Students who received only Common Core training
B Students who received 1 year of Common Core training
C Students who were first trained regularly with no Common Core
D Students who received no common core training.

Which school has received a letter because it’s AYP was below target two years in a row?

A Bancroft: 89% low income; 78.6% Afro-American; 14.7% special education
B Newark Charter: 17.7% low income; 11.0% Afro-American; 5.7% special education
C Kuumba Academy: 85.2% low income; 85.2% Afro-American; 5.7% special education
D Wilmington Charter: 5.7% low income; 5.6% Afro-American; 0.6% special education

What is the biggest factor in determining a child’s score on a state test?

A his family’s income level
B his curriculum
C his teacher
D his support team

Why is the DOE writing a letter to a school failing that has 89.6% low income?

A To drive business to the new charters coming in to the Bank of America complex.
B To look tough to other schools and scare them greatly
C To make low income children feel bad about themselves
D To fail the school and transfer the property over to a friend of Jack Markell

Check your answers at this site… and more answers to questions not asked, but should have been….

Here is what Rodel says about this year’s DCAS testing in language….

“Average proficiency has increased from 62% in reading in 2011, to 72% proficiency in reading in 2014…..”

Here is how it should be expressed in the honest truth…. “Sadly, Delaware’s proficiency scores in reading have slid downward over the past three years. Statistically, schools years ending in 2012,2013,2014 have been flat”….

Here are the scores…

61-percent in 2010 to 2011
73-percent in 2011 to 2012,
72-percent in 2012, and 2013
72-percent in 2013 to 2014. A increase of nearly 20-percent from 2011….


Now here is what Rodel says about this years DCAS testing in Math….

“Average proficiency has increased from 61% in math to 69% proficiency in math in 2014…..”

Here is how it should be expressed in the honest truth.  Over the past three years, DCAS math scores slid downwards by four points or a negative drop of 5.4%…”

Here are the scores:

62-percent in 2010 to 2011
73-percent in 2011 to 2012
70-percent in 2012 to 2013
69-percent in 2013 to 2014……


You tell me.  Are we going forward or not?   If one goes back far enough, anything is an improvement….  For example, speeds from Albany to Buffalo New York are 37.3 times faster today, ….. if you go back 189 years to the opening of the Erie Canal…  but as for relevance, they are slower then three years ago because of all the construction on Interstate 90….

Is this lying?

I think so. Because what is at stake is  knowing whether this program is working or not…  The record says it is not working.  English is flat. Math falling backwards.  Yet across these three years there has been a massive amount of effort and money that will not be there next year or any year there after….  if we can’t increase with resources; how do we stand to do so without them?

To ignore the truth, that this is not working and fall back far enough so the natural upward curve works out in ones favor, is a form of lying…

No one cares if we are up from four years ago.  Are we going up across the last three years …. or not?

Scores don’t lie.  Old men spending someone else’s money with nothing to show for it…. do.

A panel of judges has ruled that subsidies are no longer legal. For millions of Americans, this means they will immediately be slapped with charges up to $800 a month for what many are paying under a hundred…

They will drop their insurance out of necessity, or will be dropped for non-payment.

Republicans are celebrating this…

When the law was written in 2010 it was assumed that all states would do their own exchanges. In states that are doing their own exchanges, there will be no change. That is what the law says and as Republicans say: the law is law….

But for states like Delaware which rightly decided that the Federal exchange would be cheaper for its citizens because of the larger pool, that line in the law was never changed…. It says “state exchanges”… (Remember the law is alleged to be some 15,000 pages long, and is still, believe it or not, something I have not yet read….)

But in one line the word “state” is indeed there and that, according to this particular court, means that it is illegal for the federal exchanges to be subsidized… I have looked, and at this early moment just hours after the decision, there is no confirmation (just estimates) on how many insured that will affect…..

But to all you who were insured in the Federal exchange? Guess what? You got no Obama care….

Map courtesy of Kaiser

To hear the far extremist right saying “ha, ha, ha, suffer bitches” you can go here or here


On this same day, another Federal court in the same city, decided this was indeed legal. There were two cases before two different conservative courts, and we got two opposite decisions. It now goes up the next step and will probably hit the Supreme Court. Which should mean that IF insurance companies are willing, the Obamacare program can continue as is until struck down… But as we saw with Obamacare last November, when it comes to making money, private insurance companies are ruthless and lack heart…

Second… to fix this, all we need is a bill put forth, worded like this…. A bill: To amend the ACA Healthcare law by removing the word “state” and inserting “all or any”…..

That will happen in the Senate, but will never happen in the House…. Which is why, in whatever state you read this, you must get Democrats into your Congressional seat… IF you succeed, or if ENOUGH of you succeed, your insurance can and will continue… You will continue to be insured.

Remember it is just one stupid word so don’t be bulldozed by smart-assed Republicans gloating over the “rule of law” .,… (They don’t honor rule of law when it applies to one of their favored corporations….) It can easily be changed… but it must require people sympathetic to Obamacare for it to get passed….. Only Democrats can guarantee you your insurance will continue… Only Democrats.

You must, must make your vote count this November; you must make your friends, neighbors, church goers go to the polls in your behalf; unfriend them if necessary, bitches….. Your entire future depends on this one vote… Seriously, you could be dead next year thanks to your … Republican friends….


This is how parents in Delaware and surrounding states can undo the damage being done by these corporate giants who as with any monopoly, don’t give a damn…. “Suck it” they all seem to say….

This is our (parents) way of saying…. “ok, then suck this..” My prediction is that this will be huge and it will hang on Greg Lavelles neck… and when done, he will lay like a shattered gargoyle smashed across the stones under Notre Dame from whence he fell….

(And that makes Dave Sokola the luckiest man alive.)

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:

Ira Shor is a professor at the City University of New York, where he teaches composition and rhetoric. Shor understands that standardized testing is the foundation on which the entire “reform” project rests. Take away the test scores, and the data-driven teacher evaluation collapses, along with the ambitious plans for privatization.

Shor writes:

“Opt-Out: The REAL Parent Revolution”

We parents can stop the destruction of our public schools. We can stop the looting of school budgets by private charters and testing vendors. We can stop the abuse of our children by the relentless hours of testing. We can stop the closings, the co-locations, the mass firings, the replacement of veteran teachers with short-term Teach for America newbies, the shameful indignity of public schools told they have 24 hours to clear out so a charter can seize their classrooms. To do this, we have to opt-out our kids from the new…

View original 796 more words

And I quote:

“In the heat of a battle, the losing team has must double down with greater intensity and resistance to the unpleasant reality it faces. It’s how underdogs gain the mental advantage over imposing forces…..  

Is it?  Is that how the battle of Belleau Wood was won?  And not because we just pushed wave after wave of Marines (the 7th Army refused) into machine gun fire and only because the Germans filled our men with so many bullets that they ran out.  They’ve never planned for killing so many before and didn’t have enough on hand…

Is it?  Is that how Grant won the Civil War, and not by just throwing line after line of American boys at the enemy with no regard to causalities until the enemy lost so much it had to pull back?

It is? is that how America won the Battle of the Bulge, and not by Patton’s 100 mile march in 24 hours up from the South to slam into the German’s south flank?

Or is it more like how America attacked North Korea and continued despite warnings of the Chinese who then entered and eventually after our complete defeat,  it was settled as a draw?

Or is it more like how America invaded Cuba for the Bay of Pigs, and met with too much resistance and then abandoned its troops  to be captured and that government in Cuba is still in place today, defiant as ever of the US.  That was a loss.

Or is it more like how America slipped itself into the Vietnam, finally forcing people through the draft into soldier-hood, and bringing too few back, and btw, winning every single fucking battle the Americans fought, only to lose the war because the people we were fighting for, didn’t really want us there either?

Or is it more like Iraq, where we basically walked in, conquered, and then stayed too long because we lost control, and lost more people after the engagement than we did in the engagement, because the people we were helping, really sided with the other side who didn’t want us there.  We scooted out before the roof collapsed…

Or is it more like Afghanistan, where we fought, died, and still are not wanted by its people, so we are now leaving and the children of the enemy we once beat, are now fighting the country we created, for control….

Duh, obviously the DOE doesn’t know much about history or fighting… It thinks you can focus your magical mind, and say out loud… “we will win” and miraculously the tide changes and you do win…  No!  Battles are won or lost by exercising your advantage over the other team’s disadvantage…  (and having luck on your side).

It is obvious from this one quoted statement that the administration knows Common Core is wrong.  They are holding out for a truce, now that even the remotest glimmer of a victory is long past.  They may have squeaked by one vote on putting the Smarter Balance Assessment in place…  But one massive opt-out rebellion by the entire state’s parents, quickly puts that program to bed… Perhaps we are closer than ever to getting rid of Common Core… With a proper opt-out movement, it can be gone after only one year.

No one in their right mind believes that by giving a third grader a 5th grade test and then failing 2/3 of them, makes anyone smarter… No one believes that!  This belief only makes the Department of Education and politicians like Greg Lavelle, look even dumber.

Opt out… is every parent’s next step...  Parents, join the opt out movement….  Whereas against the DCAS  I was hesitant, since that was a good system we developed, and would have shown promise if not for Common Core coming in and ripping it apart (low scores due to Common Core) ….. but we definitely know this Smarter Balanced Assessments are bad…  We know how much damage the PARCC’s tests did to New York…   Don’t let your children be corporate guinea pigs, and lose the love of life…  Opt out…

This is this decade’s test of true parenthood….  Do we give up our children … or raise them ourselves….  Out of 133,000 students, we need over 7,000 to opt out in order to throw our governor and his gym teaching secretary under the bus…  Do research, take your child’s tests, and above all, talk to your children about how they feel about schools now, from before… An appropriate question is…. Is it really getting worse, or do you think it is getting better as years go by? 

Based on their answer, choose to opt or not opt….   His SBA score will drop by 50%…..  Will that damage him psychologically?  You as a parent, are the one who ought to know…

And it is Greg Lavelle‘s fault that you have to opt out, btw.  He stopped it cold, then flipped his vote, so it could go onward….

Phone: (302) 577-8714    Phone: (302) 478-6128

Carvel State Office Building
11th Floor
820 N. French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801





it is the job of cheerleaders to cheer even when their team is losing.  Sometimes it is pathetic especially when losing by a large margin, to continue with  the “Rah-Rah-Rah”‘s but, it is there job…  It is what they do, and they get judged on how well they continue even when defeat is overriding….

But no one puts cheerleaders on the field…

Transparent Christina has pointed out the duplicity in the DSEA’s support of the test scores. The scores are bad.  But DSEA is going “this is great. Rah-Rah-Rah Common Core….”

If the DSEA’s prime function was to support the administration in every thing they do, then I would say they were doing their job very well…

But that is not what the DSEA is supposed to do.. The DSEA is supposed to represent the will of its members which right now, voted no confidence in Common Core…  Nationally it voted for Arne Duncun to resign….

If the head of the DSEA was doing its job, instead of cheer-leading, it would have told legislators in Dover, that HB334 did not have their support, and that they would work to unseat anyone who supported it… That is their job. They are our first line of defenders taking care of our children, because they support those teachers are deal with our children….

But this leader has sold them out….  Cheering a negative loss?  Really Fredericka?

“We’re So Great, We’re So Great, We Can Beat off Rattlesnakes!” The scores went backwards because of Common Core, and you are cheering their backwards slide?

When a leader no longer serves at the behest of those who put her there, but serves the enemy she should be fighting, then, simply put, she needs replaced…  She needs the rank and file to call her out, and say finally, that Common Core is not good, it destroys children at early ages, and if not stopped right now, we are in danger of losing a whole generation to not learning at all.

So why do you let this go on?

Common core was piloted 2012-2013..  It was almost complete in Delaware’s schools 2013-2014….

May I present the DCAS test scores…….


61-percent in 2010 to  2011

73-percent in 2011 to 2012,

72-percent in 2012, and 2013

72-percent in 2013 to 2014.  A increase of nearly 20-percent from  2011….

Common Core was instituted in 2012 to 2013… As we have predicted it is a bad program because it makes no sense and causes confusion among children.  As parents of Common Core children have already experienced, every child is lost under Common Core…

The big jump occurred while old methods were in effect.  Teachers taught their own curriculums. Then with common core,those teaching the old way did well but all students being trained in common core pulled the average down… The following year, more common core was taught, leading to flat and even lower scores…

Ladies and Gentlemen… Common Core is not teaching your kids as well as the older methods,…  Look for yourself.  Those scores should be in the 80’s if it weren’t for Common Core…..


62-percent in 2010 to 2011

73-percent in 2011 to 2012

70-percent in 2012 to 2013

69-percent in 2013 to 2014..

Math is the same as English… Notice the same failure as English… The big jump with regular teaching, then backwards  and backwards again with Common Core. That is the variable…

Just remember that when you hear of the 20% increase, know that all of it came BEFORE Common Core… Ever since Common Core has been taught, we have gone backwards…  These results over four year will no doubt be used to tout Common Core and lie behind pushes to make it go further…But in fact, they show the exact opposite.  Common Core is bad for kids….

As predicted over a year ago. the scores are the proof…..



Oh boy… Here we go… Follow the steps, please.

The Center for American Racial Justice, a right winged think tank, funded by the Koch Brothers, ranks colleges by their GRE’s and notes that black schools were lower then all white schools. Furthermore it notices that the whiter the student body, the better its citizens turn out to be flag flying patriots… It then creates a list ranking colleges by its own system.

The conservative media picks it up and runs. Delaware Schools Rated Low…are the headlines across Delaware. No one knows why, no one reads the full story, no one googles the ARJ… No one… but Greg Lavelle issues a press release stating that to this low level is what the Markell administration has accomplished. “This is what you get with one party government” he repeats in every microphone. Rick Jensen features 3 shows a week on how the University of Delaware used to be highly ranked, it’s education department was last year ranked 33 out of all the colleges in the USA, and now, it is in the low 1000’s.. Delaware State is almost at the very bottom, right along with all-black colleges…

Pretty soon it is non stop… Every day the press reports on how Delaware’s colleges are just bad, no one knows why but experts from three letter companies no one has heard of, all say so!.. Headlines scream! “How can we be worse than Wyoming?” “Even Idaho!” “How can Idaho be one of the best in the nation, and Delaware, which spends more per person, near the bottom?”

The junk mail starts to arrive in our mailboxes. Markell Made Us Stupid the junk mail jokes… “We’ve got to do something”, it screams… Jea Street and Wilmington City Council issue proclamation after proclamation stating that Black children of the inner city need better schools in Delaware from which to graduate… “Many blacks depend on SEED money for post-secondary education. We need college improvement here in Delaware! This administration has fallen behind…”

Then a new study is released by the ARJ, showing how internationally our schools with black students compare with those European or Asian colleges without them… “We need all-white colleges” the article says, “or our national education is going down hill”. No one objects… The black head of the AFL-CIO spends 15 minutes on Rick Jensen and says, “well we need to change our schools. “Blacks need good education too, and we need jobs; according to all the studies, the only way that can happen is if we make segregation the law and black schools equal…

Then there is a recession. A big one.

No one has money. The Federal Government hires someone from the ARJ to become Secretary of Education. He comes up with a life saving method to revamp America’s education. Congress passes a giant relief bill, and he will give grants out to states who implement his new racial purity line across post secondary education…

He has a contest… States have to compete for funding. Call it race to the top. “We will have a contest and the state that comes up with the best plan for racial purity, gets money to make it happen”…

States pressed for revenue, all sign up… “Where do we sign they ask”? “Right here”, they are told, “and get your Secretary of Education to sign on too”.. “Ok. then fire her and hire a young kid who doesn’t know better”…. Maybe a gym teacher… Suddenly the governor writes op-ed pieces in the News Journal.. “Brighter” Future for Delaware’s Education. In it he extols the benefits that an all white University will accomplish. His friends the Chamber of Commerce and Charlie Copeland himself, all write op-eds the same. Soon the News Journal gets the memo, along with a Koch check with a memo, play along or die, and they too start championing how Delaware is too dark, and needs to “lighten up” and the best way would be to deny opportunity to those who are not white…

The Union of College Professors though appalled is convinced to publicly go along in order to have a “place at the table” of future post secondary educational policy.. The Governor convenes a secret meeting to create new standards.. In America there is no legal precedent for sanctioned discrimination… They ask the ARJ to fly in and hold meetings to educate this secret group… The secret group meets frequently over the next 4 months and writes legislation, and one of its members introduces in into the Senate and says, “it makes education better” and it is passed unanimously.

Steve Newton of Delaware Libertarian goes over the bill and writes a piece that essentially says: wait a second, this is KKK sanctioned segregation… A few bloggers (3) pick it up and run with it.. The Governor tells Pete Schwartzkoph, “quick, rush it through”, and minutes later the bill is in the House. One delegate questions the bill in committee but it passes 4-1…. On the floor, 4 delegates bring up the segregation clause and its implication. But people dismiss it upon hearing about it for the first time, and the House passes it 37-4 and the Governor signs it immediately..

The ARJ comes out with a new study. It ranks the schools 1-2000 strictly based on number of blacks enrolled. It cites the best schools and immediately the news organizations in those states start bragging. “We have the best schools in the USA” says Wyoming. “We are 2nd”, says Idaho. Montana, says, “we are a close third”… The Trustees of the University of Alabama rule that no black may attend the next session. Thousands have to transfer…. “We are not going to lose our accreditation over the color of skin of some of our students” they say..

Wall Street invests hugely in the new upcoming curriculum.. One that has no mention of blacks, slavery, Civil War, Segregation, Martin Luther King, Brown vrs Education; even the word Africa is deleted… Now all old books have to be scrapped in order to continue receiving Race to the Top money.. New online materials are sold instead. They are ranked pure by the ARJ, because the ARJ was involved writing them. No other materials are allowed the Federal Government mandates. The states spend billions upgrading their universities’curricula. Secondary education is immediately affected… All references to blacks must be expunged. New materials are ordered and the entire state is put on the ARJ curriculum…

New tests are rolled out. Schools are ranked negatively by how well they knew black history. Students who had been taught before, and knew black history and answered the questions correctly, pulled down their schools scores. A big push was made to erase and re-educate these children even to the point of lying, just to offer an alternative to history as they knew it.. Parents were answering children’s questions about homework the old way, and unknowingly flunking their children… “No, that’s not how we do things these days”, parents were later told.

More new rankings appeared. Delaware is very low. Markell blames the bloggers. Even Jea Street blames the bloggers for making Delaware a low scoring state. The News Journal writes an op-ed piece that says, “it is time to make Delaware white; we have to improve our rankings… “

The University of Delaware receives a $34 million dollar grant from David Koch to implement an all white curricula. Delaware State University receives a $15 million Koch grant to power-wash its dorms, sidewalks and parking spaces. The state of Delaware gets a $50 million Koch Grant to create a new pro-ARJ think tank and puts them on the seventh floor of the Community Services Building there on 10th and Orange. They echo what Markell says, and he echos what they say, and the News Journal echos what both say, and Jea Street get quoted saying… “this is great for black children”….

But then.. something goes horribly wrong….

The Christina School District votes not to implement segregation materials at the secondary school level. The Governor berates them. The News Journal berates them. Rodell berates them. Jea Street berates them.. but in the end, they vote “no” to segregation of blacks from all other races… “It is just not right”, says their head, Superintendent Freeman.

The News Journal gets $1 million for future ads from the Koch Foundation, and runs op-ed pieces blaming the Christina Board for setting all of Delaware backwards by not following what is proven right. “Christina Jeopardizes All Delaware Future Funding” Sweeney pens… It cites ARJ study after ARJ study showing how only states with all white colleges are good schools. Frederika Jenner (who is white btw) of the DSEA says that though blacks have done well under the old desegregation plan, they were currently holding Delaware back and needed to be thrown under the bus, and so therefore, the DSEA was behind what was now being called, the White Core standards… Build a strong white core, and this nation will last forever was the ARJ slogan of the minute… the Koch funded Rodel, put it up on billboards all over the state.

The Secretary of Education makes a visit to Mt. Pleasant, now an all white pilot school, and praises the great improved results it has shown. The black teachers there step up to the microphone and praise Markell for making their jobs so much easier by getting rid of all the problem students…

The bloggers keep on it. Looking at the data, the standards, the money, they realize there is no evidence for the premise that white schools are better than black… They cite the evidence and show, that the rankings that started the whole ball rolling were rankings of “how white our colleges and universities were”, and had nothing to do with education learned. They discovered that data which distinctly disproved the theory that “white was bright”, was shoved aside and ignored. In fact they tracked down the researcher and asked him how he came to his conclusions out of all the evidence pointing otherwise… “I just made it up” he said… “I came up with that figure just out of thin air.”

The bloggers traced the money. They found the ARJ was fully funded by the Kochs. They found that all those organizations supporting the ARJ, journalists, and education experts, had all received large grants from the Kochs. They found that the global evidence showing “white was bright”, wasn’t right. It was income related. Blacks in nations where everyone was rich enough to be well educated, were smarter than whites in poorer areas…

After 5 years, the Federal money began to run out. States started looking at the costs.. Holy Cow! What are we going to do with all these uneducated black people they wondered? How much more will increased crime, depression of wages, unemployment, caused by this White Core policy, cost our states…

One by one, different states began to bail out. As the deadline for the new tests approached (tests denying any existence of Africans in America), states began bailing. “Our Constitution says blacks should help determine their own educational future”, several states said, and they began dropping out. In each state, Constitutionalists began rallying to get rid of White-Core. They held meetings in Constitutional supportive areas of the nation and began holding elected officials to the Constitution.

“You are making a sub-race of American citizens” they said. “This is unconstitutional…” The Delaware Chamber of Commerce made fun of them… Called them stupid hicks or something like that… “Dumb Suck-ass Countians” was the wording Rick Jensen used, I think… (followed by a “HEE-Haw” sound-bite Greg would play). Markell went onto Chuck Todd’s TV show to deride these Constitutionals as being backward hicks and unconcerned that Delaware was ranked near the bottom of the ARJ’s list of good colleges…

“These people just don’t get it” Markell said… Chuck Todd echoes sadly, shakes his head. “Why would they be against good schools” as the camera fades back and the editor cuts to commercial.

Sweeney write a piece for the News Journal… Delaware Extremists Want Delaware To Go Backwards.” Why, he berates, when the answer is so clear, do Delawareans not push to go forward?” He continues… “Experts say ” (quoting ARJ researchers) that blacks bring down education. It is time to go separate even if it is not equal.”

The KKK emails it’s entire mailing list and tells each recipient to write letters to the News Journal… “We want better education for our kids. WE don’t want blacks in our schools. Help keep Delaware’s education racially pure!”

Members of the Christina board write back. John Kowalko writes back. Steve Newton writes back… All say the data is flawed. We have evidence that if given the same education, and the same at home support, blacks are equal or even smarter than whites.

They say: “if someone with enough money uses their own criteria to judge something, then create a response, then buys sufficient influence, the wrong thing can get done before the American public is even aware of the horrible consequences it will cause…..

Which, as you may guess, is the whole point of this “what if” exercise to show… Because it happened, already. Just as I said….

Reformers tell us the mead hall of education is under attack. It is by a monster they say; one of low expectations… They stress: if we only think a child will get a D, he gets a D… If we think that same child will get an A, he gets an A. If we think that child will get an A to the third power, he gets and A3 (to the third power).

Something like that… This appeals to rich white folk because, well yes, if all factors are the same, a child’s brain we know is rather equal at birth, so yes… that child who is trained well will do better than a child left on his own to do whatever he wants..

Common Sense. If you want a world class gymnast, you need a world class coach… Apply rigor. Now.

But if that child has one leg, can Bela Karolyi (the coach of Mary Lou Retton and Nadia) through skill and discipline provide them a spot on the team? What if they have only part of a leg, maybe from the ankle up? What if they have a good leg, but a trick knee? What if they have a good leg, but leaky valves in the exterior veins? Will they still through hard work, rigor, and brutal practice be able to beat out all others better suited, and sit on a nation’s Olympic Team?

Embedded in the educational reformer’s claim is the strange belief that poverty, hunger, homelessness, racism, and other social maladies have no effect on students’ ability to learn in school…..

It doesn’t matter they say; buy our program and put your child on the conveyor belt, and wait 12 years… Trust us.

Well, maybe the blood leaking out from the third box in line might give us a clue as to what exactly is going on. We are being asked to commit too soon; there is no output coming out at the end to judge either failure or success… We have to look for clues along the way to determine if we want this for our child or not.

Is the monster raging though our mead halls, significant to risk putting our children into the machine?… As a parent, were a scary monster about to devour me while holding my child, I’d certainly hope, I’d give my child a shot at life and throw her into the machine hoping she’d survive instead of being devoured with me while holding her…. But failing that, I’m holding on to my child and analyzing the monster to determine its threat level… blue through red….

Here is what I’m being told about this monster…. My child’s future is at stake… Are they real, or myths?… The myths are real, then they are scary like Grendel… But did a Grendel ever really exist?

Similar to Beowulf, here is the emergency warning I received from Duncun Rhee Gates……

Claim 1: American teachers need more incentive to work hard….

Claim 2: Schools need disruptive innovation. The status quo is unacceptable….

Claim 3: The public schools are in crisis….

Claim 4: It should be easier to fire bad teachers. Tenure is a problem…

Claim 5: Schools need to teach more technology….

Claim 6: Teachers should be paid for results….

Claim 7: We need more charter schools…

Claim 8: We’re falling behind the rest of the world….

Claim 9: Teacher preparation is a sham….

Claim 10: Teachers only work nine months a year…..

To battle this I am told we need to completely re-do American public education, let private schools suck up public funds, let private corporations both write, test, and grade our children, and let private entities reprocess our failures and enabling them to succeed on the test the next time… (We need to put more money into privateer’s pockets, is what it comes down to….) And it is not just overall general spending which needs to rise; instead we need to very specifically give it to one of two corporations…..

Ready to bust some myths?

Myth 1: American teachers need more incentive to work hard…. If you threaten to fire them, they will work harder. So we need to establish a method to basically scare the shit out of teachers so they put all their time into educating our students… This myth falls flat because we have all been in that situation at some point in our lives. While there,we thought our bosses nuts, crazy, demented… (You know it’s true.) We spent so much time making sure we didn’t get in trouble with our literally insane supervisor, that we were unproductive in doing what we were supposed to do. Because of that boss’s culture, our lack of productivity is something one doesn’t realize at the time, but after that boss gets fired, and the new one comes in and just wants you to do good work, you suddenly by our output realize why your previous boss was fired.

Myth 2: Schools need disruptive innovation. The status quo is unacceptable… This is common in corporate takeovers. As the new boss, you sow confusion, dissension, and disrupt all previous organization so it cannot work to defeat you… You fire the old, hire the new, and they will do exactly what you say… (because they don’t even know the previous way was far better than what you are trying to do)… As boss, you tell your superiors that it is the people’s fault why you can’t succeed and due to the confusion which you have sown, there are certainly enough individual incidents to back your point to them… If strong enough, and you hire enough of “your kind” you get to run it “your way”… How you are actually performing may be worse than before you took over, but it is so much better than the chaos you initially created, people appreciate the improvement… “We have improved over last year” you get fond of saying….

Myth 3 The public schools are in crisis…. Simply because you say so… All Evidence points to the opposite. Most adults working today came through public schools that were performing at worse levels than today’s schools. In all the longitudinal data we see steady progression from the 1980’s to today… Meaning children today are smarter at grade level than we were in whatever time frame we fell in. If our schools weren’t in crisis back when we were students, and today’s children are all better educated than were we, how can there be a crisis? Well, they have to make one up….

Myth 4: It should be easier to fire bad teachers. Tenure is a problem… Again, simply because you say so… All of us work. Should we be fired because a younger kid comes along? Is that ethical? Is that the right approach for the betterment of society? Most of us say no. If we are completely honest with ourselves and look at our output when WE first came in, and our output now, we’d agree that with our years of experience, we tend to understand priorities and spend more time on things that matter, and less on those deadlines that appear to be important, but are only perfunctionary tasks. In other words, at our careers, we got better with experience. ….. Now why would it work the exact opposite for teachers? (Who btw must be doing something right because the national scores keep climbing consistently every test cycle)…

Myth 5: Schools need to teach more technology This is just stupid. Anyone with kids, knows it should be our kids who should be teaching us technology. In the real world, by the time you get around to teaching technology, it is already outdated. Just give them a phone.

Myth 6: Teachers should be paid for results… The debate here is bigger; it is whether teachers are executives who get paid for results, or, are they workers, who should be paid by the hour? At the bottom of this argument lies this question: Should we pay a young boy thrust into the drive-thru-window at McDonalds, for every car he greets? Or should he be paid by the hour? Civilized man has over its 6000 year existence, settled on this solution when determining method and responsibility of payment: if the benefit of a person’s work all goes to his employer, then he should be paid hourly. If a portion of some of the benefit goes to himself, as in a commission, then it is ok to base his pay upon his results.. If I sell HVAC units and take $10.000 for each I sell, I can receive pay based on my results. If I dig ditches for Keystone Pipelines, I should get paid by my time, because whether I hit rock or soft soil, should not be the ultimate factor in how I get paid… According to this yardstick, since teachers have no control over their students coming in, they should extract their fee measured by time….. It literally makes no sense to pay teacher of affluent white students more than teachers of poor Black, Hispanic, or Native American students… because that is where paying by test result will eventually lead…. A really bad teacher of rich white kids will earn far more than a really great teacher of black poor kids. It is wrong to go that way.

Myth 7: We need more charter schools For a long time charter schools were tested by easier tests than public schools. Charter schools were soft; public schools required more rigor. That is not true anymore. Both take the same test and all scoring shows public schools teach better. Hands down. Again, poverty plays a role and one must factor that out.. Bragging on the Charter School of Wilmington and giving it a prize, which is unduly received because it has only a 5.5% black population compared to nearby feeder pattern Warner which has a 73.9% black population… The prize is not for great teaching, but great weeding out of “black undesirables”… But public schools rock in every case … Public school scores are higher than charter school scores… Adding charters to the mix is like adding water to milk… It is hard to see its implication, but the final product is certainly weakened by the process… Charter school infusion led to the collapse of the entire educational structure of Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Washington DC, Cleveland, and Chicago… Their current failure came about because of instead of bolstering struggling urban public schools 10 years ago, they instead diverted funding into private pockets, calling it Charter Reform… Nothing has been reformed and the private pockets swelled from all that extra cash…. (I’m sure some of it got diverted back to those in government who allowed the changes in lwa to make Charters happen…..)

Myth 8: We’re falling behind the rest of the world There is a saying, that when you hate someone, everything they do just pisses you off! OH, MY GOODNESS!!!! DID YOU SEE THE WAY SHE CRUMBLED THOSE CRACKERS AND PUT THEM IN HER SOUP. HOLY FREAKIN’ COW!!! WHAT A MESSED-UP BITCH!!!!!!! FREAKIN’ LOSER!!! You get the idea… Point is that if you moan and groan over anything, people pay attention at first… Such was done with the PISA scores… OH MY GOODNESS! WE ARE SO FAR BEHIND THE CHINESE!!! NATIONAL TRAGEDY!!! WE’RE A COMPLETE FAILURE; WE HAVE TO CHANGE EVERYTHING NOW!!!! Turns out, it was about as meaningful as crumbling crackers in one’s soup… China only allowed its one top district of Shainghai to participate in the test. This is a district for its billionaires, all who employ $40,000 tutors to live in and teach their children.. Again, this was the only district allowed to be tested. (They did allow some other districts to be tested for internal data only, but these according to the agreement, were never to be released in public form).. So when we compare American inner city students to these Chinese students, we might as well compare them to the children of Harvard and MIT professors sitting in Charles River School District just outside of Boston… What the tests do show us, is that the US tests all income levels, and some nations only test their best… But if one breaks down the test scores by income levels, and we can do that with the data, one finds that American students test better world over than every nation in each isolated income bracket… The overall PISA scores used for this comparison, are a more of a rating of average global prosperity, than they are of techniques of education… American schools are the best in the world…

Myth 9: Teacher preparation is a sham…. Any business person looks at the result. The best refutuation of this claim is the evidence stated above. When ranked income level against income level, American schools are the best in the world…. So other nations should copy OUR teacher preparation: not the other way around…

Myth 10: Teachers only work nine months a year…. Again, considering the successful results they have achieved, (American schools being the best in the world), I think that working schedule should be applied to all American’s workers… We should ALL work 9 months a year for the same pay we do 12 months now. If we are not getting the raise we deserve because of whatever excuse our boss may make, then ok, give us more paid time off. Just think of how in one swoop it would knock out unemployment? But seriously… Why aren’t we all trying to work only 9 months a year? Who’s writing the rules here?… Why solid reason is there that all of us can’t work 9 months a year? Just imagine how great and rested and productive we’d be when stepping back into our jobs… It’s not like the top 1% can’t afford to give it to us…

(Brief hat’s off to Jack Schneider)

These are the myths about Grendel… Come, our mead hall is under attack…. We are being devastated…. Upon arrival, there is no Grendel. There is only Grendel’s mother… who is poverty… Every single solitary particle of evidence now points to poverty being the sole and single cause of educational failure….

Originally that is why public education was founded. To allow all children, not just the wealthy, the equal opportunity to education… All empirical data shows that the distinguishing variable in test scores, is low income. Blacks in Bronx score as low as whites in Pikesville, Kentucky… It’s the Poverty, stupid. Hispanics in Brownsville score as low as whites in West Virginia…It’s the Povertym stupid… Ignoring poverty to fight myths will get you more myths created by you to explain your failure….

Here is how you REALLY attack education if we want to be serious and want America to improve…

You first accept poverty is the key to our problem. Our entire capitalist system is overdue for another overhaul and tuneup…. People need to earn more, spend more, and less needs shunted to the top earners….Period. But that solution, is completely out of the educational debate. Here are some things that directly can be done in the educational field to offset the influence poverty puts on education……

1) Instill an 11:1 student teacher ratio in all k-5 schools where the free lunch level is above 50% and in all 9th grades…

2) Pay for it by taxing the top 1% marginally for the costs incurred.

3) Remover Charter Schools from per-pupil funding mechanism and stop transferring money out of public and into private pockets. Charter Schools are a luxury. They should not be a diversion of the necessary money with which a public schools needs to survive. If you wish Charter Schools to continue, then fund them as you would a pet project, by a budget line in your state budget, directly out of the state’s general fund. All property tax money stays attached to the public school in its feeder pattern.

4) Dissolve any connection between high stakes and testing. Use the tests solely for each child’s benefit. use them to answer questions like: What does he know? What did he miss? What is the best approach to teach him? All this data is available but is being obfuscated by this: make sure that punk passes!!!! When it matters to no one what a child’s score truly is, then we can get an honest score and with that honest data, allow proper focus on what each child has missed… Education is like a ladder. You climb higher until a rung is missing. Today’s testing is great; it shows us the exact location of that missing rung… Fix it and that individual again climbs higher…. Before technology came into classrooms, we handed out grades, not knowing where a child was stuck. He’s just dumb ours and older generations assumed. Now we can know precisely what he missed, but if we are firing that teacher who taught that child just as soon as she gets the results in hand, or transferring that principal, or closing that school, then all that precise data is doing no good at all.. For education to go forward into the full potential we have in this 21st Century, it is necessary we decouple all test scores from firing teachers, or transferring principals, or closing down schools.. This is a no-brainer.

5) Let teachers teach. We are human learners; curricula can’t teach. Humans do: more human caring and concern; less business callousness and interference. Remember these are children learning from zero up; not grown adults already embedded with a life time of learning…


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