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[August 14(?) 1793.]

Fellow Citizens: Being guided in the discharge of my public duties by our excellent constitution, and laws made under it; and having always in view the happiness and best interests of my fellow Citizens, I cannot for bear to express the satisfaction which I feel when, upon important and critical occasions, my countrymen approve my conduct, and do justice to the motives which influence it.

The sentiments publicly expressed by the people of different parts of the Ud. States, and the anxiety which is shewn by all considerate and well disposed citizens to preserve the peace of our country and a continuance of its prosperity, is an incontestible evidence of their enlightened wisdom in justly appreciating the blessings we enjoy beyond, perhaps, any other nation under the sun.

While I assure you, Gentlemen, of the great pleasure which it gives me, to see this public testimony of your particular attachment to our Government, and approbation of its measures; permit me to express my gratitude for those marks of personal respect and attachment, which are evidenced in your address, and let me beg you to believe that it will ever be my study to deserve them.

You heard it here first.  More on this later, but first all need to work to make hemp completely legal…  Hemp  is God’s gift to America, and I don’t mean when it goes up in smoke.  I am speaking of  fibers…

Begin educating those who won’t vote for hemp legalization….

The hemp plant is a renewable resource..

Hemp enriches the soil it grows in. …

Hempseeds and hemp oil are highly nutritious and delicious…

Hemp is the only plant that contains all of the essential fatty acids and amino acids required by the human body… (stop over-fishing).

It is an excellent option for vegetarians.

It’s quite high in some essential amino acids, including gamma linoleic acid (GLA), a very rare nutrient also found in mother’s milk.

Fishermen sprinkle hempseed on the water as an effective bait..

Songbirds will pick it out of the mix as they prefer it over other seeds.

Hemp is becoming a common ingredient in lotions and many other skin, hair, and cosmetic products.. (compared to toxic chemicals).

Hemp is an ideal material for making paper. It regenerates in the field in months (unlike trees which can take 30 years or more to become harvestable after planting.)…

It makes a fine quality paper that is naturally acid free and does not become yellow and brittle or disintegrate over time like conventional paper.

Hemp is also excellent for making rugs and other textiles.  Levi Strauss’ original denim jeans were made of hemp.

Hemp is the traditional rope making fibre due to its flexibility, strength, and resistance to water damage..

Hemp oil can be used to create biofuels to replace gasoline for diesel engines. Unlike fossil fuels, biofuels are renewable and produce less of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.  Diesel built his original engine to run on hemp oil.

Alternatives to plastic can be made from hemp… Hemp based materials can replace wood and other materials used to build homes and other structures including foundations, walls, shingles, paneling, pipes, and paint.

Hemp may look like marijuana, however it does not contain the active chemicals that cause mind-altering effects.  Politics have kept this gift from us.  When Dupont made nylon, it influence was used to suppress hemp production….

58,000 tons of hemp seeds were imported into America for paint products in 1935″ — Sherman Williams Paint Co.

Hemp produces the same amount of oxygen while it’s growing that it would use in carbon dioxide if burned as a fuel. Also, due to it’s leaf/root ratio (this can often be 10% roots vs 30% leaves), hemp can produce between 20% – 40% more oxygen than will be polluted.

Thomas Jefferson himself said, “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.”

The draft of the Declaration of Independence was made on hemp paper….

The first American Flag was made of hemp.

If hemp cross-pollinates with marijuana, it creates a lower THC marijuana, not a smokable hemp… Illegal growers will not grow near hemp farms because it practically destroys the effectiveness and marketability of their product.

Fabrics made of at least one-half hemp block the sun’s UV rays more effectively than other fabrics..

The US Drug Enforcement Agency classifies all C. sativa (hemp) varieties as “marijuana.”  Hemp was grown commercially (with increasing governmental interference) in the United States until the 1950s. It was doomed by the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which placed an extremely high tax on marijuana and made it effectively impossible to grow industrial hemp…

While Congress expressly expected the continued production of industrial hemp, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics lumped industrial hemp with marijuana…

Because of its low lignin content, hemp can be pulped using less chemicals than with wood…

It is naturally resistant to most pests, precluding the need for pesticides. It grows tightly spaced, out-competing any weeds, so herbicides are not necessary. It also leaves a weed-free field for a following crop…

Today it is clear that these beginnings of “the war on drugs” were pushed into being by the newspaper, cotton, and petroleum industries, all of which had much to fear over being competitive with hemp…..

Finally, a word of wisdom from our founding father…. “Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” — George Washington 1794





After several years of election fervor, is was sad to see upon closing of the filing window, that no matter who wins the elections this November, things will be: “same as it ever was..”

“You’re crazy!” you just said?

Well, I certainly won’t deny it ( or admit it) but there is a lot of truth in what I said… The reason I said so is due to the large number of incumbents running unopposed….

Let’s take a look…. There are 21 districts in the Senate… Here are those incumbents with no opposition….

197 CHRISTINA LANDING, CHRISTINA LANDING, WILMINGTON DE 19801 (302) 425-4148 03/19/2014 date filed

500 WHITBY DR, SHARPLEY, WILMINGTON DE 19803 (302) 478-6128 06/12/2014

276 BANNING RD, CAM-WYO DE 19934 (302) 698-0960 05/12/2014

By state law, in the Senate, half the districts have elections on a regular election cycle, and the other half have elections on the off cycle… Ten positions are contestable this year and 11 positions will be contestable in 2 years… There are currently two primaries on the list, who afterwards, will face no opponent from another party. Even if someone gets appointed to run by the other party, that opponent just wastes someone’s money.. These elections are totally decided in the primary….

That would be these two…


1702 SYCAMORE ST, WILMINGTON DE 19805 03/27/2014

=== and ===


Url:WWW.BRYANDE.COM 208 RACHEL CT, WESTOVER WOODS, NEWARK DE 19702 (302) 709-1516 03/14/2014

There is one more primary and its winner will go up against Gary Simpsons, Republican from Milford…..

(302) 236-3747 01/14/2014

15230 ABBOTTS POND RD, GREENWOOD DE 19950 (302) 422-4468 11/18/2013..

So as far as a change of seats, out of the 10 up for grabs, 3 definitely will be filled by the incumbents and two more will be filled by the same party… 4 of the 10 seats will remain Democratic… One seat is guaranteed to remain Republican The current split in our Senate today is now 12 dems to 9 repubs. That means any change must come from the 5 races being contested by both parties…

These will be:

District 6 where the incumbent is Republican, so even if he wins, no change there… If he loses, one less Republican in the Senate and another piece of Sussex County turns blue.

District 10 where the incumbent is Democrat in a Republican leaning district and could lose to a good Republican.

District 17, where the incumbent is Democrat in a Republican leaning district and could lose to a good Republican.

District 18, where the incumbent is Republican, so even if he wins, no change there… If he loses, one less Republican in the minority.

District 21, where the incumbent is Democratic in a Republican district, and could lose to a good Republican…

So in the best possible scenario for Republicans, if they overturn three seats and hang on to two, at the end of this election cycle, the next two years could give us 12 Republicans to the Democrats 9… giving them control of that chamber…. for the first time in what seems like: since forever…

It appears that Sussex County, Dover, and Delaware City will decide what the late Don King would call: “the fate, of the state….

Now to the House…. Currently running unopposed…. incumbents from these districts

1,2,3,5,7,13,17,23,24,25,26,28,35,36,38,40..… meaning 16 out of 41 state rep districts will have the same human being sitting in the same seat next year… a return rate of 40%…. Of those running in primaries who have no alter other-party opponent, would be these two: Rep. 14 has no Republican; nor does Rep 18 have a Republican challenger…

Giving a total of 18 seats out of the 41 seats which won’t change parties… The current House of Delegates is divided into 27 Democrats and 14 Republicans. To change control they will need 7 switches plus holding on to all their own in order to gain control of the House… 7 seats to switch out of 23 contests..

An outcome that is not too likely.

Therefore we can surmise that the next House side of the General Assembly which will be for Markell’s second half of his second term, will not be very different in any way, from this session…

The battles of personalties will be watched solely for the effect they have on each contender, since in the very big picture, when January rolls around; the House will be the same as it ever was……

Still the Senate looks interesting…. the only place a possible flip could be likely…….




Did you know that Bloom Energy was operating beyond the scope of its DNREC permit? It took prying citizens’ eyes to discover this… DNREC says “oops” it didn’t know… I don’t think Bloom Energy has commented yet… But are we to assume that across this entire state, no one knew what the permit levels were, or that this plant was over-exceeding them?

The issue lies with their excessive use of natural gas. They are purchasing more than the permit allows… Not a big problem except that of course this extra purchase gets passed on to Delaware’s Delmarva rate payers in the form of extra charges on their monthly bill.

But what if the issue instead was pollution? Such as spewing out more radon than allowed. Or more mercury than allowed? Or more cadmium than allowed? Who would know? Someone? Ahhh, but who would say?

One very damning reason why the TDC cannot, and should not be allowed to continue in Newark…

For example, would you ever trust the entire state’s financial assets to a stock broker who was fined by the SEC for illegal actions? Oh, but wait. Excuse me. In this state we do… Not only do we trust this one person with all of our Treasury, who was fined over $900,000 by the SEC (he sits on the Cash Management Board), but when he whines over the idea of any transparency coming to the Cash Management Board, the governor and his movers in Legislature, remove the Treasurer from being able to watch over this Criminal running his hands through our state’s money?

So…. Can we trust this administration’s promises when they say they will keep a tight rein on the Data Center Project’s pollution?

What a silly question I just asked… When it comes to this administration, we already have our answer….

To all those married on the first of July last year, including Sen. Karen Peterson…. Happy Anniversary…

I heard that Patty Blevins stopped the Senate at midnight (July 1) and a cake was brought out and dished out to legislators… I heard Patty prefers chocolate… over yellow…

And Delaware doubled the single sex marriages predicted for its first year…   And while at it, though early, happy anniversary also to those two 80+ year old men who waited 50 years, and got married last July 3….  As one of them told the clerk through tear filled eyes: “you don’t understand.  For the first time in my life, I am free.  I’m like everyone else….”

And what’s up with Greg Lavelle and Gary Simpson not clapping along with the entire General Assembly in congratulating Karen Petersen?  Looked like they were pouting.  Greg wasn’t even going to eat the cake, till McBride allegedly came over and yelled at him!

Douche bags…. Another reason to never vote Republican….

Would be for the University of Delaware to use that space to build the premiere forefront of nuclear fusion research….  Not fission, which has radioactive residue, but fusion which turns hydrogen into helium  generating heat to rotate massive turbines.

Or research into more efficient turbines.

Or more efficient solar panels…

All three would be keeping with the promise of the University of Delaware’s green promise, and make it a leading intellectual nucleus for future technology to adhere….

Going forwards with a TDC that is gas fired is like buying a steam locomotive in 1952……

Shout out to El Som who dutifully does what in the other 49 states would be the News Journal’s duty, just so we too can be an informed public…  Many thanks from those of us who use this valuable resource….

You probably know by now from the “other” sources that Valerie Longhurst is gutting $70 million from fixing our roads and bridges despite the disaster on 495!

You probably right now are smacking your forehead with your hand, and saying “What the fuck is she thinking?”  I have to sit in traffic an extra hour because of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You would be right.  But, apparently she is not alone. The majority of the Legislature is still living in the 00’s and is too timid to increase revenues… any revenues…   There is very tiny fringe of people cheering that… and that tiny fringe are the only ones who have their ear…

So the rest of us have to suffer more gridlock because of Valerie Longhurst… and more, and more, and more, more, more, more, more, …,

Collectively in 2 years we will all scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   “Why doesn’t someone do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”….

Instead of passing a gas tax which will hurt only those speculators investing in gasoline….and will be 60% financed by out of state travelers….. she is cutting, (this is not about growing any bigger)  but she is “cutting” infrastructure improvements…..

Well, we gotta cut something……


There are unlimited resources for raising revenue… The gas tax is one… And taxing our wealthy is a goldmine… Recently it was determined that our wealthy could adquetely fund up to $1.3 billion yearly each single year…. to bring them up to the level counting for inflation to where they were taxed back in the 50’s… They survived then; they’ll survive now….  No billionaire has ever died impoverished…..

So with an untapped $1.3 billion at our disposal…. Valerie Longhurst is cutting back on rebuilding bridges and roads!… Just think… if that inspector who luckily got in his car that Monday morning to look under that bridge, … had been laid off.  Just think, if all of them had been laid off!   Exactly!  That is where Valerie is taking us….

We’d not have fixed the bridge in time… We still be pulling bodies out the river….

This is where Valerie Longhurst is leading us… This is just plain fucking stupid.   Anyone can see it is plain fucking stupid….

The problem is not really in the number of brain cells these legislators have…. They, I trust, have pretty close to the same number as the rest of us… The real problem….  IS  THAT  THEY…  DON’T….  HEAR…  YOU  !!!    (They hear the tiny few from ALEC 40 times a day)… You must make them HEAR you… You must…

Call or more effectively…. email….  today….

Say:  RAISE THE  GAS  TAX  AND   TAX  THE  TOP  ONE  PERCENT…..  BUT, whatever you do…. don’t EVER cut the transportation fund and make me wait in my car ONE MORE SINGLE MINUTE because you were too cheap to fix a bridge before it goes out!!!

And if you don’t know who they are…….

The problem with government these days is that they just don’t hear anymore from people with plain Common Sense….  Change that! Today!

 The Public School Advantage: Why Public Schools Outperform Private Schools, published in November by the University of Chicago Press. The authors are Christopher and Sarah Lubienski, a husband-and-wife team of education professors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign….

The idea that private schools are better is a myth.  Debunked in these pages and elsewhere, many times by the simple analysis of each and every state’s test scores…. Private schools do not, can not, and never have, had the resources to compete on the same scale of effectiveness, as do our public school institutions.

Even in a millionaires’ school, with unlimited financial resources, the lack of depth causes such to fall short when properly compared to the public school system..  It is like when it comes down to the NCAA final, a little Butler will always lose to a big UK…..

Investing in private schools with public money is like investing in Charlie Copeland’s gambling addiction with public money.  Investing in private schools with public money is like investing in Mike Ramone’s gambling addiction with private money. Investing in private schools with public money is like investing in Dave Sokola’s gambling addiction with public money….   It’s bad enough we are losing money in the Racino’s state sanctioned gambling operations…  Much less add on a new layer…… Especially now?

Charter Schools do not teach well, and steal away money from that which works very well.  Why would anyone want to do that?

Call your legislators and at the very least, demand they do something to stop the flow of property tax monies out of our public school system….

There are two solutions.

Ban Charter Schools, and  re-phase them back into the public school system.  Use eminent domain to own the property they are on.

Or fund them outside the property tax revenue stream.  Fund them as are vocational schools by a line item in the general assembly’s fought over budget that says… specific Charter School…. “x” amount of $$$$…….

I’d prefer the latter for Constitutional reasons, but both would get the job done.  That job, is to give our kids the best schooling money can buy….

By putting as much as is possible into our best…. the public education superstructure….. They win, when private schools always tend to lose….




Delaware’s finest performing Full of Bees… The great…. Todd Chappelle

Coupled with Rick Jensen’s comment on 9 million new immigrants, we are in the middle of a beesy weekend of puns… I predict…..

Mine? The new state logo above in my Title… (You’re very welcome….. :) )

Ok…. one more then….


You get up every morning
From the sound of your alarm clock’s warning
Then leave at 8:15 to go into the city…

You see sinage smilin’ down
Warnin’ bees swarmin” all around…
And marshmellow-like foam gumming up all the highways….

And if your lane’s lucky and on time
You can get to work by nine….
And start your slaving job to carry your own load…

But if you ever get annoyed
Just think of being self-employed
Cause us apiarist just dip up honey all day

(Till ‘they’ call…(ringtone) saying…. Hey! Do you know anything about…. bees?)

Then I’ll be
Takin’ care of beesness, every day
Takin’ care of beesness, in every way
I’ll been takin’ care of beesness, it’s all mine
Takin’ care of beesness while working overtime

(Work it out)

If it were easy being an apiary-ist
And your face could contort like a Drew Carey-ist
And you would squeal when stung, like a newborn colt

But if your windows are rolled down,
Warning. You’ll never make into town,
Unless you can sprint super fast like a Hussein Bolt.

But chances are that you’ll go far
With windows rolled tight up in your car….
But with traffic you might not make it into town…..

So if you’re stuck in traffic,
Don’t do anything that is graphic…
Just sit calmly and look at things from afar….

Tell your boss it’s not your fault….
95 is one big, huge car lot
If that if he fires you, Governor Markell with him will be annoyed…..

Cause you’ll been sittin’
Takin’ care of beesness, every day
Takin’ care of beesness, every way
You’ve been takin’ care of beesness, it’s all mine
Takin’ care of beesness, and working overtime
Take good care of beesness
When I’m away, every day whoo

Remember you get up every morning
From the sound of your alarm clock’s warning
Then leave at 8:15 to go into the city…

You see the sinage smilin’ down
With bees still swarmin’ ’round…
And marshmellow-like foam gumming up all the highways….

Frightened people pushin’, people shovin’
Performing their last rites and their last lovin’
Just praying they make it alive into the city…..

But, if you ever get annoyed
Consider me, I’m self-employed
Then respect what I have to do all day

*While you’re slavin’ ) I’ll be….
Takin’ care of beesness …every day
Takin’ care of beesness ….every way
I’ll bee taking care of beesness, …they’s all mine
Takin’ care of beesness and working overtime ….

Takin’ care of beesness
Takin’ care of beesness
Takin’ care of beesness
Takin’ care of beesness
Takin’ care of beesness

(Not as good as Todd’s but it is a try… nevertheless…. )

Hey, anybody got a buzz?

Image Courtesy of Newark High School.


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