This is the proper response to Mitch McConnell’s, Eric Cantor’s, and John Boehner’s calls to financier Warren Buffet to show his tax returns.

The intimidation comes from the fact that some things are meant to remain private… Ewwww.

Income tax forms are one, especially to a financier…even if to just prevent crap like this… “Mr. Buffet!.. Why did you invest in Sears while they owned K-mart which sold R-rated movies to children not over 18?”

Income Tax Returns are kept private to prevent stupid people who inhabit caves like those at the Sleezer Sloddy Sinstitute from perverting hard data into personal slights.

Anyone can pervert anything. Most of America knows that by now. We learn that by third grade. It is just that most of us have the decency to know that such perversion is pointless and that stooping to that level, actually is demeaning to us, and not to those victims we are trying to bully and torture.

Most Republicans never graduated past second grade, however, which is why you have to resort to their levels sometimes.

So, Senator Mitch McConnell, Representative Eric Cantor, and John Boehner… Why are their never any women around you when photo ops occur? Why do you always have what look like neutered Voldermorts as your support staff? Is it really because between the 3 of you, you can’t even muster 9 inches, so naturally, no women has any inclination to hang around you?

And why is it, that you don’t get measured in public? You afraid of the truth?

C’mon, Stumpies… why are you so chicken? (2 inches?) You pretend you are so tough, but yet, you won’t even attempt to man up? You pretend to be so tough, asking Warren Buffet to show his tax returns… and yet when your own manhood is questioned… silence?


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